Baby Shawls celebrates Spring with style!!!


Birds chirping, flowers budding, the warm sun … What a joy to experience the warmth of Spring again!

Its time to celebrate Spring and enjoy a break from the cold temperatures of Winter.


Baby shawls offers a wide variety of product recommendations to make sure that you and your children look stylish and draw on the beautiful colours and styles that our Spring collection offers.


Whoever said that baby shawls are just for Winter? Well not at all! We have a beautiful collection of lighter baby shawls, shrugs and wraps for your precious babies that are perfect for a Spring day or evening! We offer children practical fashion for Spring so your little boys and girls will have the comfort they need as they enjoy the warmth of the sun. Feel free to browse all our categories and we can assure you that you will find the perfect item need to be style setters for this season.


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baby shawls collection

The diversity of baby shawls

Baby shawls have diverse uses. They can become beautiful family heirlooms, covers for prams and cots or used to provide privacy for a nursing mother. Shawls come in all sorts of designs, colours and yarns. Whether the shawl has been lovingly handcrafted by a family member to create a family heirloom or purchased as a [...]

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baby shawls

Baby Shawls

Remember grandma sitting in the corner with her knitting needles or crochet hook usually working with fine white wool by the fireplace. Often she would be handcrafting baby clothes and most often the item would be an equisitly crafted baby shawl from a traditional family pattern. The work was delicate and patterned and therefore required a skilled craftsperson and [...]

Heirloom Baby Shawl

More Knitting Patterns

Family heirlooms such as a baby shawls, that are handmade with love, are items to  cherish for many years. Hours are expended on such gifts for a new arrival and can be passed down to the next generation as a valued family heirloom. Although commercial brand shawls and baby blankets make delightful gifts as well, [...]

knitting patterns

Knitting patterns

If you are looking on this page then you must love to knit? There are so many great opportunities to knit scrumptious baby shawls, blankets and other baby apparel and there is nothing like a gift that has been hand crafted. Please continue to enjoy browsing through the knitting patterns I have provided. Some of [...]

Little Adventures Rainbow Fairy Dress

Children’s Dress Up fun

I was at a party children’s party recently and noticed that one of the latest fashion fads for little girls was dresses made from tulle.  I had considered tulle dresses to be the reserve of ballet dancers or children’s dress up costumes. It took me back to my childhood when I did ballroom dancing with [...]

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Spring is in the Air!!!

Don’t you just love this time of the year?  Flowers blooming and trees budding everywhere you turn… The days are longer and your little ones have more time to play and enjoy… Spring is in the air!!! Spring bring so much happiness, warmth and and new awakenings especially if this is the first spring you’ll [...]

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Links to Free Knitting Patterns

Here are some unique and lovely patterns we have researched for you knitters to create the perfect baby shawl for your most precious baby. We have listed some links below but please observe the copyrights of the patterns and use these only for non-commercial personal use. Panda Silk Lace Circular Shawl “Cirrus” Baby Shawl Cloud [...]

How to make a baby quilt

How to make a baby quilt?

Baby quilts are often a treasured keepsake and making a charming baby quilt for your baby is a lovely idea. However, if you are a beginner, seeing those complex patterns and following instructions in sewing all those little pieces together can be very intimidating. Well you don’t need all those block kits or charm packs [...]

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Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby showers have been a tradition for many years. We celebrate the upcoming birth of a child to show our love and support for the expectant parents or the mother-to-be. If you are reading this then you are probably going to attend a baby shower party and will most likely give the mother-to-be a baby [...]

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Planning a baby shower

Planning a Baby Shower

The birth of a new life is one of the most anticipated and emotional event in the life of woman, a couple or a family. And one of the most wonderful ways to welcome the new addition to any family is to plan for a perfect baby shower. If you are a planning a baby [...]

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knitting step-by-step

How to Knit – Step by Step Guide

For this post I decided to focus on knitting. As baby shawls were traditionally hand knitted items, you now have the opportunity to learn to knit with some very easily explained, step by step, videos. Please click on the link and get started on your new hobby of knitting. That way when a new baby [...]

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free knitting patterns

More Free Knitting Patterns

This site was a real surprise!  FREE KNITTING PATTERNS sounds great, but these patterns provide a superb range of lovely patterns for baby shawls. It is often easy to find patterns for more conventional products, but I have found it particularly difficult to find good patterns for baby shawls. Enjoy looking at these patterns and [...]

free knitting pattern

Free Patterns

‘Baby Shawls’ provides a great range of baby shawls and other gorgeous knitted items for your baby. Also check out the offer of some free patterns of a variety of items – really lovely. Please add add any feedback and suggestions. I am always grateful for ways I can assist buyers if they are looking for something [...]