Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby showers have been a tradition for many years. We celebrate the upcoming birth of a child to show our love and support for the expectant parents or the mother-to-be. If you are reading this then you are probably going to attend a baby shower party and will most likely give the mother-to-be a baby shower gift. Yes, there are might be countless baby shower gifts on the market now, but what will be the perfect baby shower gift that will help parents and mums-to-be when their most precious one arrives into the world? Well, here are a few baby shower gift ideas to help you decide:

Handmade Baby Shower Gifts

Show your thoughtfulness by using your creative talents. If you know how to sew, embroider, knit or crochet then why not use your skills to create a unique baby shower gift for a friend or a family member.  You can crochet a special baby blanket or knit some beautiful baby shawls. Check out our previous posts for some tips and guides on knitting and for some free patterns.


Baby Wear and Clothing

Baby clothes are always a great idea for baby shower gifts because they are useful. Babies will outgrow their clothes and this can be quite expensive for parents. You can choose to buy newborn sizes and a few baby clothes that are bigger than the newborn size. If you are not certain of the baby’s gender, then it’s always safe to buy yellow or cream colored baby clothes. Seasonal baby clothing are also a great choice for baby clothes, just something they can wear for special events. A cute collection of baby wear and clothing is available on our shop section; take some time to browse for special discounted offers.

Baby Gift Baskets

Baby gift baskets and sets are always an excellent baby shower gift idea. Baby gift baskets are convenient and most of all impressive. Most of these adorable and unique baby gift baskets include a complete set of baby’s needs such as baby wear, nursery sets, baby bath care etc. You can find a selection of baby gift baskets that can be personalized too, check out a wide array of baby gift baskets on our gifts section.

Baby Travel Gifts

Baby travel necessities such as baby slings, travel cribs, baby stroller, nursery monitor and all sorts of portable baby supplies are great baby shower gift ideas too. Since we are in a fast paced world, these items can be useful for mums and dads that are always on the go.


Baby Bath Care and Diaper essentials

If you think that this is the most boring baby shower gift idea, then think again. Any baby would need some quality and regular supplies of bath items and diapers. You can spice it up by adding some related items to go with the main gift.

Baby Jewelries

Baby bracelets are a popular choice for baby jewelry since they are safer than necklaces. They are also adjustable and can be customized, may it be a charm bracelet, a pearl bracelet or a simple circular bangle. You can have the baby’s name or initials engraved, or even add cute charms. If you are to give out a charms bracelet or a pearl bracelet as a baby shower gift, make sure that charms are tightly woven and pearls are properly secured because babies are fond of putting anything into their mouth. For other baby bracelets such as bangles, make sure that there are no sharp or pointed edges. You can browse a selection of handpicked baby bracelets on our gifts category.

You can also give baby earrings as a gift, although there are other mums that prefer to have their baby pierced when they grow a bit older. Necklaces are never recommended for babies because they can get entangled around baby’s neck. Lastly you have to keep in mind that when giving baby jewelries, they must be hypoallergenic as babies are born with sensitive skin.

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