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baby events I was at a party children’s party recently and noticed that one of the latest fashion fads for little girls was dresses made from tulle.  I had considered tulle dresses to be the reserve of ballet dancers or children’s dress up costumes. It took me back to my childhood when I did ballroom dancing with dresses made from yards and yards of tulle. Who would have thought that this most unlikely material would become a much loved fashion icon in the 21st century?  Not to mention to comfort factor.

However, when I touched the dresses the tulle was softer and more delicate than the harsh materials I had worn as a child. The colours ranged from pastle  to vibrant rainbow patterns and the dresses were adorned with beautiful decorations.  The little girls pranced around like princesses from a story book. Their hair had been adorned to match their fairy tale like dresses and they tip-toed ever so carefully in their matching shoes. Hair curled and tied with matching ribbons and delicate pieces of jewellery to match completed the outfits to perfection.

Inspired by this new fashion trend I tracked down a number of dresses to delight any little girl and allow her, for a time, to experience the wonder of being a fairy tale princess.

Peruse the baby girls and girls pages for inspirational dresses that will not only make happy little princesses, but please your budget at the same time.

It’s time to twirl – have fun!

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