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Free Patterns

‘Baby Shawls’ provides a great range of baby shawls and other gorgeous knitted items for your baby. Also check out the offer of some free patterns of a variety of items – really lovely. Please add add any feedback and suggestions. I am always grateful for ways I can assist buyers if they are looking for something [...]

baby shawls

Baby Shawls

Remember grandma sitting in the corner with her knitting needles or crochet hook usually working with fine white wool by the fireplace. Often she would be handcrafting baby clothes and most often the item would be an equisitly crafted baby shawl from a traditional family pattern. The work was delicate and patterned and therefore required a skilled craftsperson and [...]

knitting patterns

Knitting patterns

If you are looking on this page then you must love to knit? There are so many great opportunities to knit scrumptious baby shawls, blankets and other baby apparel and there is nothing like a gift that has been hand crafted. Please continue to enjoy browsing through the knitting patterns I have provided. Some of [...]

Heirloom Baby Shawl

More Knitting Patterns

Family heirlooms such as a baby shawls, that are handmade with love, are items to  cherish for many years. Hours are expended on such gifts for a new arrival and can be passed down to the next generation as a valued family heirloom. Although commercial brand shawls and baby blankets make delightful gifts as well, [...]