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Links to Free Knitting Patterns

Here are some unique and lovely patterns we have researched for you knitters to create the perfect baby shawl for your most precious baby. We have listed some links below but please observe the copyrights of the patterns and use these only for non-commercial personal use. Panda Silk Lace Circular Shawl “Cirrus” Baby Shawl Cloud [...]

free knitting pattern

Free Patterns

‘Baby Shawls’ provides a great range of baby shawls and other gorgeous knitted items for your baby. Also check out the offer of some free patterns of a variety of items – really lovely. Please add add any feedback and suggestions. I am always grateful for ways I can assist buyers if they are looking for something [...]

Heirloom Baby Shawl

More Knitting Patterns

Family heirlooms such as a baby shawls, that are handmade with love, are items to  cherish for many years. Hours are expended on such gifts for a new arrival and can be passed down to the next generation as a valued family heirloom. Although commercial brand shawls and baby blankets make delightful gifts as well, [...]